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Aluminium Sliding Windows & Doors

Aluminium is such a versatile metal that it can be transformed into a functional and beautiful aluminium door in Singapore. Additionally, it can also be transformed into a sliding window or a partition that can improve the interior of your home. Aluminium has been used for home supplies for decades due to its malleability while remaining strong and rust-free. We, Eatons Interior, take pride in manufacturing and distributing aluminium sliding doors and windows. Browse our products below to view some of our best-selling designs that you can order online.

Aluminium windows & doors are a popular fenestration choice in Singapore. They are durable, low maintenance, corrosion-resistant and come in modern designs. Our premium range of products includes aluminium sliding doors, sliding windows, casement windows, and soundproof windows that are designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Here’s an overview of our range:

Quick Guide:
Product Series Key Features Suitable For:
Inowa Roto-Frank’s premium sliding door with compression sealing. Prevents entry of rain water and wind under torrential conditions Exterior: Hotels, homes, offices
Rotoi Series Roto-Frank’s window and door system; German-designed and tested for Singapore’s tropical climate Interior/Exterior: All
Slim-Line Series Minimalist frame window and door system for indoor applications Interior: Homes, Offices
Performance Series Our standard window and door system providing quality at an affordable price point Interior/Exterior: Homes, Offices