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Claroflex® Frameless Glazing Sliding Glass Door

A frameless sliding glass door has long been popular in Singapore offices and commercial establishments, but it is slowly making its way into our homes as well. It's not difficult to see why. Sliding glass doors are incredibly elegant, and because they are transparent, they make the room appear larger. The need for glass fixtures has grown to include glass curtains and glass balcony panels for modern homes. View our glass curtain, sliding glass door, and glass balcony panel models below to discover how they can completely transform your interiors!

Introducing Claroflex's Frameless Glazing solutions for modern and sophisticated architecture. Designed in Spain, Claroflex offers unparalleled design flexibility, enabling seamless integration into any environment.

With a variety of configurations available, our frameless glazing systems are ideal for residential and commercial applications, including sliding glass doors, glass curtains, glass balcony panels, and more. Experience the beauty of unobstructed views with Claroflex's range of frameless glazing, which is the perfect choice for your glass curtain, sliding glass door, or glass balcony panel needs. Here’s an overview of our range:

Quick Guide:
Product Series Key Features Suitable For:
Claroflex Full Vision Operable glass sliding door system that ‘slides-and-stacks’. Compression sealing, Prevents entry of rain water and wind under torrential conditions Exterior: Balconies, Patios
Claroflex Full Vision Mini Indoor version of the Full Vision. Comes with an ultra low-profile track for indoor applications. Less hacking required to embed tracks. Interior: Meeting rooms, study rooms, partitions
Claroflex Slide Multi-Panel Sliding Door with Frameless Glass Indoor: Homes, Offices
Suitable for outdoor under certain conditions