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5 Tips To Maintain Your Glass Shower Screens At Home
11 November 2021
Glass shower screens are common features in modern bathrooms today. Without proper maintenance, your glass shower screen may begin to lose its shine and clarity as cloudy stains build up over time. These marks are known as ‘hard water stains’, ‘limescale’ or ‘water scaling’ caused by repeated evaporation of standing tap water on glass panels. Minerals such as calcium in our local tap water are left behind when we allow water to dry up on our shower screens. Over time, these mineral deposits become visible and get incrementally harder to remove. This is why many of the tips you read on the i..
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Why Glass Partitions Are Better For Your Home Than Concrete Walls
18 October 2021

Homeowners often find it difficult to decide whether they should use a glass partition wall to separate rooms in their home or a traditional concrete wall when planning their home renovation.

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