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Embracing Curves: Interior Design Trend Here to Stay

Embracing Curves: Interior Design Trend Here to Stay

09 August 2023

Embracing Curves: Interior Design Trend Here to Stay

Are you tired of seeing the same old sharp angles and straight lines in every room you enter? Gone are the days of rigid designs and harsh angles — today, interior designers and homeowners alike are embracing the beauty of curves that bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any space. 

Whether it is the gentle bend of a sofa arm or the rounded edges of a coffee table, this timeless trend is all about bringing a touch of sophistication and softness to your living space. 

Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate curves into your home. 

1. Curved shower screen

Curved shower screen

Unlike traditional shower curtains, a curved shower screen curves inward, creating a gentle enclosure that makes your shower feel more open and inviting. This added space also makes it easier to move around and get in and out of the shower without feeling cramped or confined. Not only does a curved shower screen offer a more spacious and comfortable showering experience, but it also boasts a sleek and modern look like no other. 

If you are looking for a way to elevate your bathroom and enhance your showering experience, consider installing a curved shower screen. The Eatons Interiors ‘K-Series’ Curve Shower Screen is both a stylish and practical option — it uses nano glass that helps to repel water and slows the build-up of stains and hard water residue so you spend less time cleaning!

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2. Curved walls

Curved walls-curved shower screen singapore

Besides a curved shower screen, curved walls also add a unique and interesting element to your home's interior design. They create a sense of flow and movement, and break up the monotony of straight lines and sharp angles.

Some tips for successfully incorporating curved walls include:

  • Consider areas of the home where a curved wall would make the biggest impact and complement the overall design. For example, a curved wall in an entryway can create a stunning focal point.

  • Lighting can be used to enhance the curve of a curved wall and create a dramatic effect.

  • Furniture placement can impact the flow and functionality of the space, so it is important to choose furniture that complements the curve and creates a cohesive design. 

3. Arches

Arches-curved shower screen singapore

Creating arches in your home's interior design is another great way to embrace curves and add a touch of elegance to any space. Curved arches add interest to a room while softening any hard edges to make the space feel more inviting and cosy. 

Some simple yet stunning ways to add arches to your home include building archways between rooms and using arches around windows. The method you choose should depend on your personal style and the design elements of your space.

4. Curved doors or door frames

Curved doors or door frames-curved shower screen singapore

Source: shelterness.com

Curved shower screens are not the only way to add pizzazz to your bathroom, or any room in your home. Curved doors or door frames can also create a focal point in a room, adding visual interest and drawing the eye in. 

Choose arched door frames to create a grand feeling whenever you step into the room, or go for fluted glass doors with an arched design for a flexible partition between rooms or as an alternative to traditional hinged doors. 

Bend the rules and embrace the grace of curves in interior design

Whether you prefer a subtle touch or a more dramatic effect, curves can transform your space and add a unique design element that complements your personal style. 

If you are planning to incorporate curves into your home today, why not start with a smaller project such as installing a curved shower screen? The team at Eatons Interiors is dedicated to understanding your needs and suggesting the right product for your space. 

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