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Are Aluminium Sliding Doors Worth Installing

Are Aluminium Sliding Doors Worth Installing?

19 January 2022

Are Aluminium Sliding Doors Worth Installing?


Aluminium sliding doors are the quintessential system of choice for many home patios or balconies. The addition of these sliding doors can completely change the look of a home. Many people choose them due to their style and aesthetic qualities, but once you get past their fashionable exterior you will realise how many useful features they possess over traditional doors.

While other options are available on the market, here are some benefits of installing aluminium sliding doors in your home:

1. Create a seamless indoor/outdoor space

Aluminium sliding doors can really bring the outdoors inside, helping to seamlessly blend indoors and outdoors. The large glass panes make it possible to enjoy a panoramic view of your garden even during the monsoon season.

Additionally, young families have the additional benefit of being able to watch their kids play outside safely while doing their household chores. Plus, intimate gatherings such as outdoor dining, garden parties, and barbecues can be made more enjoyable if you remove the barrier between your home and garden.

2. Let more natural light into your home

Aluminium sliding doors are also good for letting in natural light and providing smooth operation. Aluminium sliding doors operate quickly and take up less space since you do not need to maintain a space buffer for swing or folding doors. This design enables two spaces to be connected seamlessly to form one large area.

Typically, sliding doors have large panes of glass that fill the entire frame, allowing the most natural light into the house.  With today's emphasis on nature, aluminium sliding doors offer a transparent, bright interior that is seamlessly connected with nature and can naturally enlighten your living space.

3. Heat insulation and noise reduction

With our aluminium sliding doors, the panels are tightly sealed and gaps are kept to a minimum. Roto Inowa is a high performance sliding door system that compresses the panels together to create a tight seal. Additionally, double-glazed glass also boosts sound and heat insulation. Rather than keeping the air conditioner on constantly, high performance aluminium sliding doors can aid with maintaining the cooling effect, reducing your energy use.

Alternatively, when the weather is colder, sliding doors can be used as a partition to keep the interior warm. Essentially, aluminium sliding doors keep your home warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather, thus saving you money on energy bills.

Why Aluminium?

Even if you're sold on the idea of installing sliding doors, you may wonder if aluminium frames are right for you.  In order to maintain the structural integrity of your doors, the frame of your doors is equally as important as the glass. What better choice is there than an aluminium frame that has a premium look and feel, is highly durable, yet environmentally friendly?

Eatons offers one of the largest and most diverse selections of aluminium sliding doors on the market today. For effortless operability, our aluminium sliding doors feature minimal friction and ergonomic handles. When paired with glass customised to your needs, our range of aluminium sliding doors improves aesthetics without compromising on functionality.

Installing Aluminium Sliding  Doors In Your Homes And Offices

Adding a new door design to any space can instantly spruce it up. A door is an essential piece of furniture for both the exterior and interior of your home. Simply replacing traditional doors with modern aluminium doors will increase aesthetic appeal without sacrificing functionality.

If you’re looking to customise sliding doors for your modern interior spaces, reach out to our team at Eatons today! From conception to installation, our dedicated team will be there for you every step of the way.