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5 Tips To Make Your HDB Flat Appear Bigger

5 Tips To Make Your HDB Flat Appear Bigger

11 July 2022

5 Tips To Make Your HDB Flat Appear Bigger

It's a fact. Over the years, our homes have been shrinking. Whether this is due to increasing land constraints or economic reality, our living space just doesn’t seem as spacious as the apartments we admire in various interior design magazines.

However, innovative solutions can help you overcome physical limitations. With a few interior design tips in mind, you can transform your HDB flat to look bigger and more spacious. Read on to learn how you can do this!

Tip #1: Open Concept Living with Fewer Walls

Minimise the use of concrete walls

Concrete walls are traditionally used to create private spaces and segregate living activities at home.  The modern home makes clever use of spaces for more than one purpose. Removing some walls not only makes your apartment look bigger, but is also more space efficient. For example, your study room could also serve as extra space for your living or dining room when you are hosting a gathering.

Open home designs are very popular with younger families. Almost everyone wants that dry kitchen seamlessly melded with the living or dining room. Afterall, spacious layouts make the perfect backdrop for insta-worthy pictures. If enclosed walls and fixed spaces sound unappealing, consider creating an open-concept space in your home. Make your home adaptable, just like you!

Tip #2: Create Rooms with Slim Frame Doors

Create rooms with thin frame doors

Thinner frames increase the perception of space. One way to make your apartment feel bigger is to create your study room using slim frame sliding doors. If you want the option to completely open that study area, go for slim frame folding doors.

Aluminium thin frame doors elevate the design of your home while being very practical. Customise it further using clear, tinted or patterned glass.

For those who prefer thin frame door systems with no bottom floor track, do bear in mind that air-conditioning is likely to escape under the doors, leading to higher energy consumption.

Tip #3: Install Glass Wall Partitions

Install glass partition walls

Fixed glass partitions and doors are a lower cost option to maximise that sense of space at home or work. However, it does not provide the same flexibility in combining living spaces, as fixed glass partitions are not moveable. Safety is also another consideration. Frameless glass edges are exposed and generally at higher risk of accidental breakage.

Sliding Glass Partitions

Another type of glass partition allows you to ‘slide-and-park’ the panels to give you the best of both worlds.

Glass curtain walls allow you to have the benefits of fixed glass partitions with the added option of opening up the entire space whenever you feel like. Sliding glass partition walls feel like a proper room and contain noise and air-conditioning better.

Sliding Glass Partitions

Tip #4: Select the Right Furnishing

Select the right furniture

Smaller Sofas

While it is tempting to opt for a large six-seat sofa lounge with a leg rest, or even a 2 piece sofa set, it may occupy more space than you need. Therefore, you should always consider your requirements and purchase the furniture that best suits your daily living. Visiting guests are occasional but the space occupied is an everyday commitment.

Furniture with a Lower Height Profile

Another overlooked way to make your home feel bigger is by selecting furniture that has a lower height profile. One way is to choose dining chairs and sofas that have a lower back rest.

Adding Large Mirrors

Large mirrors on your walls are an easy way to make your living space seem larger. Thanks to its reflective surfaces, your home appears double its size! The best places to place mirrors are in the entryways, living room, or at the end of walkways. Avoid placing them near cluttered furniture, as it gives the illusion of a messy household.


It can feel like your hands are tied when it comes to transforming your HDB apartment into a dream home. We hope the tips we shared have given you ideas on how to make your home appear more spacious!

At Eatons Interiors, our team is committed to meeting our clients’ needs. We also strive to ensure our products are installed safely and professionally. If you plan to install glass partition walls, thin frame glass doors in your home, feel free to visit our website today to browse our comprehensive selection of products.