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Why You Should Customise Your Window Systems For Your Home

21 June 2022

Why You Should Customise Your Window Systems For Your Home

Do you take pride in selecting high quality and thoughtfully selected furnishings for your home? Of course, you do! After spending countless hours browsing through interior design articles and consulting with your designer, your dream home should stand out and exude perfection.

One often overlooked area by many homeowners is their window and door system. While generic, off-the-shelf aluminium windows may initially appear to suffice, you might think again after moving into your new home.

Instead, why not consider custom-made windows? You may be surprised at the many benefits afforded by customising your aluminium windows and doors. Besides better performance, thoughtful selection can help create an interior that is both comfortable and inviting. Here’s why customising window systems should be your preferred choice.

Benefit #1: Choose Quality and Durability for Your Dream Home

aesthetic home with modern aluminium window

Mass market window models tend to use thinner aluminium and low-cost assembly techniques and hardware which are less durable. This may result in window handles or locksets that come apart or break down more easily. Other common issues include noise transmission and water leakage.

Window and door systems should last decades. Speak to your aluminium window and door fabricator to understand the multitude of system options available. A high quality and durable window system should be professionally test certified, fabricated and installed by a skilled team to meet all regulations.

Improve any window system by customising features such as:

  1. Glass selection
  2. Model selection
  3. Hardware selection

Whether you are looking for a tilt-turn, inward opening or sliding windows to match the theme of your living space, customization offers you the flexibility to pick the ideal style and colour you want for your dream home.

Benefit #2: Better Functionality & Convenience

installing sliding window in singapore

Functionality should not be an afterthought. A properly configured system should take into account how you intend to use your windows or doors. Discuss with your aluminium window and door fabricator what is important to you and ways to improve everyday usage. There are a wide range of systems available, each with trade-offs and value considerations.

Have you considered:

  1. How to ventilate your room even when it rains?
  2. How to make window cleaning safe and convenient?
  3. How to soundproof your room?

Customising window specifications lets you get the best out of them while improving your living environment. With a better understanding of site considerations, your window supplier will be able to recommend the right window system to achieve your design goals.

Benefit #3: Greater comfort

greater comfort with aluminium windows

A made-to-order window system allows you to customise its capabilities to suit daily living needs. In a densely populated setting with a harsh tropical climate like Singapore, your window plays a significant role in enhancing your interior.

Windows can be customised and designed to block out heat, noise and dust, to maintain a calm and relaxing oasis of indoor tranquillity. Aluminium windows offer an ideal balance between cost-effectiveness and durability, and can provide superb insulation and comfort for your home.

If you are concerned about excessive glare, you can consider tinting your windows to reduce the visible light entering your house.

For added heat reduction, you can also opt for Low-E glass. This material is designed to reduce the amount of UV rays passing through the glass while ensuring your living space remains brightly lit. Glass type selection is another solution to keep your place cool and well-lit without dreading coming home to a furnace.

Benefit #4: Better After-Sales Services & Improved Property Value

The best way to customise aluminium windows is to work with your fabricator or installer directly. Most interior designers and contractors are experts in project management but may not have in-depth product knowledge. While it might sound like time-consuming to deal with a separate party, the added effort may be a better option in the long run especially since windows and doors are a bigger ticket item.

One possible other benefit is better after-sales service, as the window supplier is directly contractually to you, rather than indirectly appointed through an intermediary. This can be especially helpful if you need repairs and servicing from the supplier in the following years.

Custom-made windows are not just decorative but a worthy investment for any homeowner. Good selection of your window system makes an instant impact on any living space. It can even increase the value of your property by negating external impact such as east-west facing or nearby noise.

Getting a made-to-order window system in Singapore is a simple process. Contact our window specialists at Eatons Interiors for assistance or visit our website today for more information. We have been listed as one of the best window contractors in Singapore. Find out more by clicking the SMART Singapore link below: