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5 Benefits Of Soundproof Windows

04 March 2022

5 Benefits Of Soundproof Windows

Noise pollution can be frustrating and debilitating in a highly urbanised environment like Singapore. With homes built so close together or right next to major roads, noise transmission into homes is an ever growing concern. Most window systems installed here are of basic construction, with simple hardware and single-layer glass panels which allow noise to easily enter indoors. 

Many owners in Singapore are now opting for soundproof or sound insulated windows. Here are some of the benefits of soundproof aluminium windows and how they could improve your daily life:

1. Noise Reduction 

Noise Reduction

Excessive noise exposure has been shown to cause an array of health problems, including stress, anxiety, memory problems, mental health issues, and chronic fatigue, which can reduce productivity. There is also evidence that regular exposure to excessive noise contributes to more serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, hearing loss, and tinnitus in the longer term.

Soundproof aluminium windows are designed to cut down on external noise produced by nearby traffic, schools, construction sites, neighbours, etc.. Glass selection and good window locking and sealing systems play an important role in the performance of your window. Your home should be an abode of respite and comfort. Invest in a soundproof window and door system to reclaim your oasis of calm.

2. Keep the Dust and Pests Out!

Dust Is Less Prevalent

Well-constructed soundproof aluminium windows have minimal gaps to allow air or dust from entering your home or office. With multi-point locking systems and compressed seals, soundproof aluminium windows also reduce dust, dirt, moisture, and wind that may force their way through basic window systems. Less dust means cleaner air, less cleaning and a healthier home environment. 

3. Enhanced Comfort & Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and comfort in your home can be improved with double glazed soundproof glass. Also known as insulating glass units (IGUs), it consists of two or more glass panes separated by a space to cut down on heat transfer into your home. 

Double glazed glass is a costly upfront investment. However, it is easy to overlook the daily energy savings and improved living environment over the course of the life of your home. Insulate your home to its full potential with soundproof windows. 

UV Protection

4. Improved Safety 

Soundproof windows usually use laminated or double-glazed glass, which also offers safety advantages for your home. Laminated glass consists of at least 2 layers of glass, sandwiched by a PVB interlayer. 

The strength, safety and durability of laminated glass, even after breaking, is impressive. If glass breaks on one side, the entire panel including the broken glass pieces remain stuck to the PVB interlayer, and do not fall off. The PVB layer and broken glass is supported by the second glass panel. 

This greatly reduces the risk of injury due to broken or jagged glass shards since glass does not shatter and fall out. Laminated glass PVB is also notoriously difficult to penetrate, making it harder for intruders to break and enter compared to single layer glass panels.

Soundproof Your Aluminium Windows With Eatons Interiors

Are you tired of outside noise constantly disturbing your peace? Find out how you can customise soundproof aluminium windows with us at Eatons Interiors. 

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