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5 Tips To Maintain Your Glass Shower Screens At Home

5 Tips To Maintain Your Glass Shower Screens At Home

11 November 2021

5 Tips To Maintain Your Glass Shower Screens At Home

Glass shower screens are common features in modern bathrooms today. Without proper maintenance, your glass shower screen may begin to lose its shine and clarity as cloudy stains build up over time. These marks are known as ‘limescale’ or ‘water scaling’ caused by repeated evaporation of standing tap water on glass panels. 

Minerals such as calcium in our local tap water are left behind when we allow water to dry up on our shower screens.

Over time, these mineral deposits become visible and get incrementally harder to remove. This is why many of the tips you read on the internet on removing water scaling may not work for you. Depending on how stubborn the stains are, different solutions may be needed. However as the old adage says, prevention is better than cure.

Whether it’s a framed or curved shower screen, read on as we share with you some simple tips on how to maintain your glass shower screens at home.

Cleaning A Glass Shower Screen with a Wiper


1. Wipe down wet surfaces immediately after use

After taking a shower, wash off any remnant soap suds and foam from your shower screen glass panels with your hand shower. The key to minimising the accumulation of hard water stains is to wipe the panels dry using a glass squeegee or wiper. Removing these water droplets prevents our calcium infused tap water from forming deposits on your shower screens when it dries up. 

Wiping down your shower screens and the silicone sealant will also go a long way towards slowing the growth of mould or mildew, keeping your bathroom clean  and pristine. 

Glass Shower Screen


2. Ventilate your bathroom

Bathroom ventilation is extremely important especially in humid climates. The faster your bathroom dries, the slower the buildup of mould and mildew in your bathroom will be. Your bathroom accessories will also thank you for it. 

There are two ways to improve this:

Firstly, you may wish to install a ventilation fan on one of your windows. KDK offers a range of window and wall-mounted options with different performance depending on how big your bathroom is. However, make sure you check your local regulations (some condo MCSTs frown upon them) before installing them and make sure to work with a reputable window contractor. 

The second method is easier and also the most obvious: leave the door open to let your bathroom dry after use. Use a fan to accelerate the drying process by increasing air circulation around the doorway. 

DIY Cleaning Solutions for Shower Screens


3. How to Remove Water Scaling Marks on Shower Screens (Part 1)

Scour the internet and you will find a confusing range of solutions to tackle this universally annoying problem. There are generally two kinds of solutions. 

The first method is literally to use a natural-based or chemical solution to dislodge the mineral deposits. Generally, the longer the stains have been there, the stronger the solution may need to be to remove them. These are a few methods you may wish to try: 

  1. Vinegar spray and baking soda (for less stubborn stains)

  2. Cif household cleaner + sponge

  3. Car windshield polishing powder + sponge

WARNING: Some cleaning chemicals may affect marble, terrazzo or other kinds of tiles. We strongly advise testing any cleaning agent on a small inconspicuous area of your bathroom before starting any large scale cleaning. Acid-based chemicals are very effective cleaning agents but can permanently damage your tiles! Be sure to follow dilution ratios diligently.

4. How to Remove Water Scaling Marks on Shower Screens (Part 2): The Last Resort 

When all cleaning formulas fail, hand-to-hand combat may be required. Carefully use a stainless steel blade scraper (available at hardware shops or online) to scrape away the stubborn mineral deposits on your shower screen glass panels. The edge of the blade should be flat against the glass and tilted at an angle to meet the glass. Find your ideal grip and adjust your body to a steady position before using force to scrape. It is also advisable to use safety gloves that provide good grip and to protect you against potential cuts.



5. How to Remove Water Scaling Marks on Shower Screens (Part 3): I Give Up

If marks still remain after the above solutions, there is a chance the glass has been etched permanently. While glass polishing can remove it, this is a time-consuming and challenging process. Poorly done polishing can lead to unevenness in the glass surface and you may notice waviness at certain angles. At this point, it may be more economical and practical to simply replace the glass.


Maintaining Your Glass Shower Screen

Shower screens are far more durable than shower curtains, which is why many people opt for them when remodelling their bathrooms these days. However, keeping your shower screen looking as good as new for a long time begins with proper care and maintenance.

Whether you need a new glass shower screen or expert advice on how to maintain its lustre, reach out to our team at Eatons Interiors today. Browse our wide variety of low maintenance shower screens and choose one that's right for you and your family here.