Aluminium Window Singapore | A Guide To Custom Windows In SG

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All You Need To Know About Custom Window Systems In Singapore

All You Need To Know About Custom Window Systems In Singapore

11 November 2021

All You Need To Know About Custom Window Systems In Singapore

We've put together a detailed guide to assist homeowners who have been thinking of customising their window systems but are unsure where to begin: Aluminium Window Singapore, Sliding Window Singapore, Glass Curtain Singapore.


Construction and renovation projects often overlook the importance of choosing the right window and door systems. On average, windows and doors typically make up about 10 to 15% of a typical renovation or building budget. Most of the time, many homeowners end up leaving their window and door selection up to their interior designers or contractors. However, there are many benefits to working directly with window suppliers to customise your own window systems. 

A Man Installing a Custom Window

The window is your main opening to the outside world, so choosing the right window design and system is crucial to how your interior looks, feels and functions. Customising your windows allows you to create the exact aesthetics and environment you desire for your home.

Today, there are a myriad of features to choose from, including glass type, frame material and window hardware. By customising your windows, you can enhance indoor comfort, increase energy efficiency, and even make your home or workplace more peaceful. It is even possible to reduce your power bills, carbon footprint, and environmental impact by selecting the right material. 

Read on as we explore the endless benefits of customising your windows, walk you through the steps you need to take to customise your windows, and dive deeper into the common types of windows in Singapore (stacking window, sliding window and casement window) and the preferred materials for making windows (aluminium windows and uPVC windows).  

PART 2: Customised Window Systems In Singapore

2.1  Benefits Of Customising Window Systems

Achieving Design Goals With Custom Windows

1. Achieve your design goals

A custom-built window eliminates the need for navigating a company's catalogue of mass-produced windows and choosing the one you like best. Although this is a common practice, the style of window you want might not be available in the appropriate dimensions to fit your home. As a result, you have to sacrifice some aesthetics in order to maintain functionality. With custom-made windows, you will not experience this problem because you are able to select from a wide array of window glass colours, frame thickness and window hardware styles and you can choose the window's appearance without being confined by a pre-existing line of products.  

2. Improved interior comfort

Woman Drinking Coffee By A Sliding Window

A made-to-order window is built specifically for a project, so it does not reside in a warehouse for a long time before being installed. Manufacturers have much greater control over the quality of their windows because they are made one at a time. As inspections are more thorough, imperfections are more easily spotted. The problem with mass-produced windows is that they vary in quality. As most of the windows are manufactured far from the store, damage during shipping is not uncommon. Therefore, a "new" window may have simply been distorted or cracked during shipping - which reduces its efficiency and limits its service life. 

The specialised features of a well-designed made-to-order window system, on the other hand, allow you to customise its capabilities to block out noise, dust, and keep your interior spaces cooler and more comfortable. Selecting the right window material, such as an aluminium window, will provide you with more comfort and insulation in your home.

  • Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass makes your home cooler and more energy-efficient

Window tinting reduces the visible light from entering your home. However, it is not as effective in cutting down ultraviolet (UV) and infrared light.  Low-E glass is designed to minimize the amount of UV rays and heat that can pass through glass while keeping your interior brightly lit. 

Compared with curtains and blinds, Low-E glass windows still allow natural light into your home while keeping your place cool and preventing UV damage to your furnishings.  

3. Better Performance

The performance of custom-made window systems tends to be better than those produced in large quantities. Some window systems have been designed and tested to higher specifications than others, so you may want to opt for a system that has been tested to meet international standards. A few examples of these international standards are the British Standard European Norm (BS EN) for wind load and air and water tightness, as well as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for acoustic performance. It is only possible to achieve this when you work with a window supplier like us to manufacture your own window system. 

At Eatons Interiors, our Rotoi Series Window & Door System has been engineered to meet regional climate challenges and market preferences, while following the highest German manufacturing standards. If you are keen to know more about this series of aluminium windows, read more about Rotoi’s features here.  

4. Privacy

A Man Measuring A Custom Window

Custom windows give you the added advantage of privacy when you choose to have the glass tinted. Furthermore, tinting your custom aluminium windows or glass curtains will prevent you from having to add solar films to your windows, allowing you to reduce costs. Window tinting can also enhance your home's privacy.

  • Glass window tinting is cleaner and maintenance-free

Dust often gathers in the space between curtains and blinds. Besides being a magnet for dirt and dust, both have to be cleaned occasionally. Tinted glass windows give you the benefits of curtains and blinds without the tedious cleaning work. Moreover, curtains and blinds suffer from regular wear and tear as cords and controls used to open and close blinds can break over time. On the other hand, window tinted glass lasts the entire lifetime of your window!

  • Tinted glass windows offer privacy without obstructing the view

Glass is a common feature of modern-day homes, which contributes to the feeling of spaciousness. However, that could come at the expense of privacy and blinds or curtains may be needed to maintain some privacy. You may have to choose between privacy or enjoying the scenic views from your home. With tinted glass windows, you can escape prying eyes without sacrificing natural light and views.  

5. Improved property value

  Noisy neighbourhoods can be off-putting, especially if your apartment is in close proximity to a major road or school. However, custom window systems can help mitigate these conditions, helping you fetch a better price for your home.  

6. Easy Maintenance: Clean Windows Safely & Easily with Inward Opening Windows

Window opening types can affect the ease of maintenance and cleaning.  If you're looking for ease of cleaning, you may want to consider an inward opening window.   

Outward vs Inward Opening Windows

Inward Opening Windows

Most windows in our region are outward-swing casement windows. However, inward-swinging windows are much safer and easier to clean and maintain as they do not require you to reach out of your window, or climb near one. This is a great choice for those staying in high-rise buildings.   

2.2  Other Considerations When Customising Windows 

1. Higher Quality

  If you are considering custom-made windows, we highly recommend choosing a system that has undergone extensive testing and proper research and development. Whether it’s a sliding window or a glass curtain, window customisations should be well thought out and designed within the system's constraints. If this is something you are not familiar with, you are better off working with a reputable window installer that uses an established window brand and is able to offer you sound advice on the suitability of customising your windows.    

2. Better Workmanship & Hardware Fitment

  In many cases, locally sourced windows are improvised during fabrication to compensate for ill-fitting accessories, which will ultimately lead to poor finishing and performance. For this reason, it is best to avoid odd window offerings that come with mismatched hardware and go with custom-made windows. That way, you'll get exactly what you've asked for, down to the smallest detail.    

3. Deal Directly with Window Installers

  When remodelling your new or existing home and thinking about giving your typical aluminium windows a fresh upgrade, we recommend working directly with your window installation contractor. This will make the process of receiving after-sales service and spare parts much easier and quicker in the future. Moreover, if a disagreement arises in the middle of the renovation process, the window contractor is contractually obligated to you rather than the general contractor - allowing you to have access to them if the need arises.  

2.2  Understanding The Different Types Of Windows In Singapore

Windows are glass-paned openings that allow light and ventilation to pass through them. A window can be sized and positioned to fit many different positions on a wall. There are a variety of window types, each with its own advantages and opening directions. Below are some of the most common window types in Singapore to help define your home's interior aesthetics:  

1. Sliding window

2 Sliding Windows in a Room

Sliding windows are among the most common types of windows in Singapore. Sliding windows rest on roller bearings and run horizontally along rails of the bottom frame. Sliding windows can be designed to be bigger (less frames) than other window types such as casement openings. However,  rollers require replacement over time. Sliding windows are also less effective at keeping the elements out.  

2. Casement window

White Casement Windows

Casement windows are another popular type in the market as they offer good protection from the elements. Without any roller bearings, they also have less wear and tear issues. 

Another configuration of casement windows is the Top-Hung or Awning window. Top-hung windows are an excellent choice for ventilation and may even be left open if it is raining outside.   

Aluminum Awning Windows

3. Accordion window or Folding Sliding Glass Door

Folding Sliding Glass Door

Accordion windows are not just interesting-looking, but they are practical as well. Usually, accordion windows or frameless sliding glass doors run from floor to ceiling and are used to divide indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing these areas to become one by removing the physical barrier. Often, the design objective is not just to ensure a seamless transition between areas, but also to visually connect the spaces, to let the light through and to welcome the outdoors. 

Glass Partition Walls inside a Home

In certain spatial configurations, they can also be used as glass partition walls indoors. 

Accordion Windows in a Kitchen

Even if you lack the space for a full-height accordion glass door, you can always go for small-scale versions of accordion windows to significantly improve the overall atmosphere of your kitchen. Even with their small size, these shorter wall openings effortlessly embrace the outdoors and are a good choice for smaller kitchens. Additionally, they are ideal for creating an outdoor bar atmosphere inside a home.  

Window Types Compared






- Bigger window sash sizes (fewer frames)

- Wear & tear on rollers

- Poor sound insulation

- Dust and pests enters more easy

Sliding doors with compression closing can help overcome many of the cons associated with normal sliding doors

Casement/ Swing Type

-Better sound insulation

- Tighter seals to keep dust and pests out

- No roller bearings

- Outward opening windows may obstruct external walkways for ground floor units

- Risk of falling windows for outward opening casement systems

Consider inward swinging windows to make cleaning easier


- Maximizes your opening to the outdoors

- Pinch point hazard between folding panels

- Faster wear and tear

Folding doors tend to be more costly


3.1 Choosing Window Materials & Hardware

Now that we have introduced you to the basics of window systems, let's get to the fun part: customising your own windows! With the right choice of finishes and window frames, you can easily make your windows stand out and seamlessly complement your interior aesthetic. With timeless functionality combined with modern style and innovation, there are many ways to meet your needs and match your style today.  

1. Frame Type

  A window frame is typically made from four materials: aluminium, steel, uPVC and wood. In Singapore, aluminium window systems are the most common type due to their sturdiness and affordability. Next are uPVC systems that are more commonly found in landed properties in Singapore. Meanwhile, steel and wooden window frames are usually found in commercial and old shophouses.

Window Frame Types

2. Glass Type

Glass has a much larger surface area than window frames. Thus it plays a bigger role in reducing heat and noise transmission than the type of frame material. This table below lays out the general breakdown of costs and properties of the different types of glass you can pick for your custom windows:

Window Glass Types
Clear glass windows

Many basic windows are installed with annealed glass, or commonly known as float glass. Float glass is non-tempered and an excellent choice for those looking to install their windows on a budget. Float glass provides moderate protection from the outdoors, but will shatter into more dangerous large pieces if broken. In addition, you might experience more glare and hotter temperatures inside your home.   

Tinted glass windows

Tinted glass is produced by adding small amounts of metal oxide to the glass composition. Through this process, solar energy is transmitted differently and the colour of the glass is altered without changing its fundamental properties. Tinted glass reduces the intensity of sunlight but does not cut down heat or UV light from coming through.  

Low-E glass windows

Low-emissivity glass, or Low-E glass, has a thin layer on its surface that reflects heat. The added coating prevents heat from the outside from entering your home on a hot day. With a Low-E coating, you will experience added UV protection, better durability and reduced annual heating and cooling costs as well as improved energy efficiency.  

One of the best aspects of customising your aluminium window is getting to combine different glass types according to your needs. There are different considerations when it comes to choosing the right glass type. We recommend consulting your window system manufacturer to get the best advice. Eatons Interiors offers custom-made glass windows. Get in touch with us if you're interested in customising your windows to achieve a good balance between aesthetics, costs and functionality.    

3. Hardware Selection

  When selecting your window hardware, there are several factors to consider: handle design, single or multi-point locking system, and locksets.  

  • Window handle design

Window hardware may come in a variety of styles and finishes. Besides aesthetics, choose a window handle that is sturdy and provides a good grip for practicality. 

  • Single vs Multipoint locking system

Most basic window systems use a single point locking system, which is usually integrated into the handle. If that handle breaks or comes loose, the window cannot be secured or locked. Meanwhile, a multipoint locking system engages two or three contact points simultaneously with one turn of the window handle. These multiple locking points are integrated along the window sash and frames. Instead of just one lock point within the frame, the mechanism locks at several points, providing greater protection for the occupants at home.

  • Locksets

Locksets are useful additions in certain situations. For example, locksets come in handy for aluminium sliding patio doors, or if you often enter or exit through that door. However, some owners do prefer the sleek look of a handle without a lock set, especially when the doors are rarely unlocked from the outside.  

3.2 Prices Of Windows In Singapore

Customising your windows is not as costly as you may think. In fact, window systems can be customised to meet your needs and budget. Below you will find some general information regarding aluminium window prices, including the cost of supply and installation. uPVC windows generally cost about 10% to 20% more than aluminium windows. Prices can fluctuate depending on material and labour cost.

Window Type




Aluminum Window

S$25-35 psf

S$45-650 psf

S$75-100 psf

uPVC Window

S$30-42 psf

S$54-78 psf

S$90-120 psf

*psf: per square foot


Today, homeowners have a wide range of options to choose from when choosing custom windows. Aside from the style and size, there are other variables homeowners should take into account when building their custom windows from scratch. Because custom windows are made-to-order, they also fit seamlessly into your existing window openings. With Eatons Interiors, our expert window specialists will visit your home to measure your windows so that we can manufacture your windows to your specifications once we have these measurements.  

We hope reading this article has enlightened you on the process of customising your aluminium windows, and if you're ready to get started, Eatons Interiors offers a full range of services, from design, to customisation, to fabrication, and installation. Leave it to our window experts to transform your living spaces by recommending the most ideal window solutions tailored to the aesthetics and needs of your home.   

We provide after-sales services to all of our clients as we are committed to giving you only the best solutions and services, and our goal is to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied with our quality of work. Whether it is you are looking to customise your sliding windows, glass curtains, or even glass partition walls, we can do it all here at Eatons Interiors.  

All in all, getting your window custom made is a simple process if you contact our glass window specialists at Eatons Interiors. Let us know what is important to you when it comes to aesthetics and functionality for your home, and we will handle the rest. View our past projects to get more inspiration for your next custom-built windows and contact us today to learn more about our innovative aluminium and glass solutions in Singapore.