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Why Glass Partitions Are Better For Your Home Than Concrete Walls

Why Glass Partitions Are Better For Your Home Than Concrete Walls

11 November 2021

Why Glass Partitions Are Better For Your Home Than Concrete Walls

Homeowners often find it difficult to decide whether they should use a glass partition wall to separate rooms in their home or a traditional concrete wall when planning their home renovation. It all comes down to the concept or theme of the interior design of their home.

Open-plan living has become increasingly popular in recent years, but as soon as they move in they realise both its advantages and disadvantages. While living in an open-plan space provides the feeling of light and space, it can also be noisy, and cooking smells, smoke, and steam can easily spread in smaller apartments and homes. It's not always ideal to have all of your living space incorporated into one space. Because of this, sliding glass doors have been on the rise these days.

Whether you are converting an existing space or building a new one that will feature an open-concept living area, keep reading as we explore why glass partition walls are a better choice than conventional concrete walls.

1. Natural light

Open-plan living is preferred by many homeowners because they are able to let light travel throughout the space as it bounces from the walls and the whole area feels lighter and more spacious. For those planning a home office or study room, using glass partition walls to partition the area is the best choice since it allows the space to be private and isolated from outside distractions, yet still offers plenty of natural light and openness for optimal productivity.

Living Room With Glass Partition

2. Noise reduction

A large open-plan room, however, allows for easy transmission of noise due to the lack of a room divider.  Open-plan homes transmit sounds quickly, from the sound of pots and pans crashing in the kitchen to the sound of the television. As much as concrete walls can act as sound barriers, there's no going back, which is why, in cases like this, frameless sliding glass doors offer a great compromise because they give the room a clean look while dividing usable spaces and containing noise in them.

3. Odour control


It is impossible to control the smell, grease, steam, and smoke that is produced in the kitchen while cooking takes place. Even if your kitchen is equipped with top-grade cooker hoods or ventilation, the cooking fumes and grease will still permeate open-plan living areas. This problem can be resolved simply by installing a sliding glass door to maintain an open-plan concept and prevent odours from escaping. At Eatons, our Claroflex® Full Vision Mini is a premier frameless glazing system that can be installed without excessive hacking. Since it has no wheels or bearings, it is also practically maintenance-free! We also offer a variety of custom-made window or door systems such as frameless bi-fold glass curtains so that they blend in seamlessly with your home.

4. Defines the space

The problem with open-plan interiors is that the rooms can feel too random with no clear differentiation between one area and another. When you have an open-plan room, it's common to see the living area connected to the kitchen and cooking area, but this is not ideal. Grease and smells from the kitchen will linger in the living areas long after cooking has finished. A glass partition wall can help define the boundaries between these two key areas, ensuring your open-plan needs are met, while also ensuring the function of the two areas remains separate.

Choosing Glass Partition Walls Over Concrete Walls

Some homeowners tend to refrain from including glass partition walls in their home designs because of the high initial cost of installing them. Glass walls may seem like a costly investment, but if the benefits of glass walls are considered, this expense is well worth it.

Since the glass partition walls are easily removable or reconfigured, a costly remodel is not required as your household's needs evolve. For a concrete wall, maintenance often includes making repairs to holes, removing scuffs and smudges, and painting it every so often. A glass wall will keep you from having to incur such expenses.

Choosing between glass walls and concrete walls when planning home renovation can be a difficult decision, but it is easier when the benefits of glass walls are considered. A glass wall is a clear choice for any modern home for a number of reasons, including lower lifetime costs, ease of maintenance, and the ability to recycle them once they've served their purpose. Looking to customise glass partitions for your home? Get in touch with our team at Eatons to learn more about our aluminium and glass solutions for doors and windows!