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Inowa 130 IW - Sound-Insulated Sliding Door

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Ultra Performance Sliding Doors against Wind, Rain and Sound


Main Characteristics:

  • Industry-leading door compression technology to keep water, air and sound out
  • STC 42 rated for a sliding door solution.
  • Excellent tightness and security with a 4-sided perimeter gasket and active control of locking points 
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Available in large door sizes up to 3000mm (W) by 3600mm (H) and 400kg in weight
  • Suitable for glass ranging from 5 ~ 36mm

Why Roto-Frank?

  • German Made Window & Door System
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Sections & High Quality Hardware
  • Customized solutions (E.g. Glass type, frame colour)
  • Locally sourced glass
  • After-Sales Service
  • Availability of Parts

    About Inowa 130 IW

    The Inowa system (130 IW) builds on the robust German window & door styles to deliver class leading performance. It features tried and tested principles such as rectangular cavity design, double cavity corners, injection technology, and high-level resistance class (RC) designs. Roto Inowa systems also feature improved water tightness and wind resistance, and new dust proof technology for Asia-Pacific specific climatic conditions.

    Inowa 130 IW sets a new standard when it comes to door tightness and is therefore ideal for buildings challenged by storm and torrential rain. The patented hardware system provides compression locking on 4-sides of the door, with easy operation with just one hand. The system remains tightly sealed when facing challenges from extreme climate, especially in heavy storms.

    The Rotoi Patio 130 IW door system satisfies high performance requirements, in term of tightness, sound reduction and security. This makes it is perfectly suited for hotels, homes and commercial buildings. It is the best solution where there is a need for a sliding door and sound insulation is equally important.

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